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Our comprehensive literacy program nurtures students’ reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, enabling them to become effective communicators and critical thinkers. Our goal is to empower students with the tools they need to unlock the power of words and expand their vocabulary while fostering a deep love and appreciation for literature. Through engaging activities, interactive discussions, and creative projects, we seek to equip students with literacy skills for success in academics and beyond.

English Language Arts 

Our mathematics curriculum creates a solid foundation in math through problem-solving activities, interactive lessons, and real-world applications. We equip students with essential mathematical skills and logical thinking abilities. From basic arithmetic to advanced concepts, our curriculum is designed to support each student’s individual learning needs, building confidence and competence along the way.



Our social studies curriculum fosters a deep understanding of the past, present, and future, promoting global citizenship and critical thinking.

From ancient civilizations to contemporary events, our curriculum engages students in thought-provoking discussions and immersive activities/projects. Through the study of our nation and world, we strive to cultivate informed and empathetic individuals who make a positive impact on their communities.

Social Studies 

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Our science program is designed to ignite a passion for scientific exploration and nurture a deep understanding of the world around us. Through hands-on activities, inquiry-based learning, and phenomena-based units, we encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific reasoning. We aim to support our students in developing a curiosity for the natural world and applying their learning to real-life situations.



Rooted in faith, love, and spiritual growth, our religion program aims to deepen students’ understanding of the Catholic faith and its teachings. Through studying the Bible, sacramental preparation, moral development, and social justice, we nurture students’ relationships with God and encourage them to live out the Good News of the Gospel in their daily lives. Our curriculum creates a sense of community, compassion, and service, instilling values that align with Catholic teachings. Our goal is to support our students in developing a personal relationship with God and shape compassionate individuals who serve others and model Christ’s unconditional love for one another.



Our Lady of the Snows School prioritizes the holistic development of every student, nurturing their emotional intelligence, resilience, and interpersonal skills. Our social-emotional learning curriculum fosters a safe and inclusive learning environment in which students gain self-awareness, manage their emotions, and build healthy relationships. Through mindfulness practices, interactive discussions, and engaging activities, we empower students to navigate challenges, make responsible decisions, and develop a growth mindset.

Social Emotional Learning

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